• Maritoka Fine Jewelry

    Working with Toka to create an updated brand for her new fine jewelry line was an absolute dream come true! ✨ 

    I’ve admired and worn Toka’s jewelry for years, and as with all of my clients, I’m honored that Toka trusted me to execute her creative vision. To go alone with her newest business venture, I played with Toka’s signature “M” and made it a little more mature to match Toka’s own professional + creative growth. I then created a fine jewelry logo, a submark and a bridge line logo. Thank you @maritoka_jewellery for bringing me on board and for blessing us with the most beautiful jewelry!

  • Coach House bar and grill

    Congratulations to John Power for opening Coach House in Norfolk tonight! 

    This logo design was near and dear to my heart and I’m proud to have had a small part in his new restaurant endeavor. John and I worked together to make his vision and brand to come to fruition and I’m excited to see how Coach House makes its mark on the Virginia f&b scene. 


  • Kitty Hawk Chairs

    “It’s our belief that we can bring you an exceptional product, both designed and manufactured in the Outer Banks, with a focus on eco-friendly components and community support.” 

    The exceptional product is outdoor furniture, the business is Kitty Hawk Chairs, and the brains are John and Abby Berquist. John and Abby are good friends of mine and I’m honored they trusted me with their new business logo. 

    I can personally attest to the phenomenal quality and comfort of these chairs; we love our set! Cheers, John and Abby, to pioneering ethical + sustainable furniture on the OBX. 👏🏼👏🏼Check their site @ kittyhawkchairs.com for more info!

  • Latest logo creation

    Very excited to share my latest logo creation!

    These 2 clients have decided to take on a new venture after seven years of a successful local business. Drumbeat is a family friendly inshore fishing charter located here on the Outer Banks. They wanted a clean, simple, and unique logo that would be legible from afar.
    Such a fun collaboration and I really love the way it all came together. 

    Thank you John and Abby for trusting me, and having me create this for your business! The icing on the cake... working with a fellow Duke! #GOJMU

  • Happy New Year... a few weeks late!

    I have been on a little hiatus due to getting arthroscopic hip surgery last month. After binge watching Downton Abbey, Stranger Things, Goliath, The AO, Shameless, This is us, and playing old school Mario Brothers on NES I am back to work! Currently, the Botticelli exhibit is keeping me busy. The exhibits will be taking place:

    2.11- 4.5 Muscarelle Museum of Art Williamsburg, Virginia

    4.18-7.9 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts  

    I am creating ads, banners, pamphlets, newsletters, invitations, posters, and last but not least a full page ad in the New York Times, on a Sunday non-the-less! Pretty amazing to see something you create in such a regal publication (for the second time!). 

    This will be the first time that Botticelli will be touring the US. I am beyond delighted and honored to have the opportunity to do the marketing for this exhibit! I must say it is rather easy to layout graphics when you have such beautiful artwork to start with. 

    You can read more about the exhibits on artnet.com

    I have also updated my price sheet for the 2017 calendar year, check out the brochure here

  • nos·tal·gia

    näˈstaljə,nəˈstaljə/ noun
    1. a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. 
    2. something done or presented in order to evoke feelings of nostalgia.

    A little #tbt the first time I ever used a computer was this in my 3rd grade class room taught by Ms. Boyd. Random fact: I remember she loved Billy Ocean and Lionel RIchie music. 

    She was a great teacher for me coming into a public school for the first time. 

    One of our weekly assignments was to do a little programming by guiding the progress of a 'turtle' which moves around a graphics screen … anyone remember that? Just making basic shapes... those shapes had an impact on me. Since there was only one computer in the classroom, all of us kids would be eagerly waiting to jump on once it was their turn. 

    Once it was my turn, I can remember looking at the apple icon on it and studying the shape and colors of it, it seemed to have such an impact when you first looked at the computer, first thing you saw. Later in life I would be creating logos as a designer. 

    Little did I know that, this computer was where it all started for me (and thank goodness for a wireless mouse i might add)...

  • 2016 AAM Museum Publications Design Competition

    I have been creating newsletters for the Muscarelle Museum of Art for the last few years. I just learned that the spring / summer issue from 2015 has gotten honorable mention from the 2016 AAM Museum Publications Design Competition. I am beyond excited to see this!!

    Entry Title: Muscarelle Museum of Art Spring/Summer 15

    Organization Name: Muscarelle Museum of Art - College of William & Mary Designed by: Erin Moore (A La Carte Designs) and Muscarelle Museum of Art staff Category: Newsletters and Calendar of Events Budget: >$750,000

    Below is the full newsletter so you can view. 


  • A night at the museum

    A night at the museum...The Muscarelle Museum of Art to be exact! So this was a pretty big night for me, featuring 3 exhibits that I have been working on for the MMA the last few months. I created all three logos for these exhibits; Light Works, Hiroshiges 53 Stations of the Tokiado road, and Norman Rockwell and the Boy Scouts.

    Along with the logo design I helped market them, from creating the books, color schemes, posters, banners, publication ads, invitations etc. I have to pinch myself in these moments, its so amazing to see everything in person (not on my computer screen!) It really is an honor to create graphics for these amazing artist that were created centuries ago. 

    I will be posting on my portfolio page soon if you want to hop on over and take a look! 

    View More Projects

  • Williamsburg Harvest Celebration

    I go the opportunity to create the logo, website, and market the event for The Williamsburg Harvest Celebration. It is a collaborative effort with the City of Williamsburg, James City Country and York County overseen by the Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism Alliance. The goal was to create a EAT+DRINK+LEARN vibe for the event. The colors chosen where rustic with a modern flare that also incorporated a farmer to plate feel.  

    Chefs, Farmers, Artisans, Foragers, Authors, Brewers, Winemakers and Culinary Historians. Through food we all come together to create our community. Its proceeds will benefit Meals on Wheels, Southern Foodways Alliance, FISH and the VA Fresh Food Fund. It is a great event they takes place annually in November. Check out the website for dates and tickets! http://williamsburgharvestcelebration.com

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